OUCH Lifestyle Plus, a Nigerian owned, International standard Fashion and Lifestyle Premium brand, on 26th August 2016, launched a new collection (3-piece suits) –‘Wedding Collection’.


This gesture is a way the brand-OUCH, chooses to identify with the uniqueness of sentiments and emotional appeal attached to weddings which is a step to the ultimate life time journey-marriage, and the memories it radiates.

There are special moments in people’s lives. However, wedding is the ONLY singular event which simultaneously brings and binds together other joyous moments.

As a sign of respect to the couple, we dimmed it fit to most importantly accord the bride the privilege of maximizing her freedom of expression when it comes to the sartorial decisions of her groom. Thereby having in mind that some memories are forever, respect is reciprocal.

Therefore, if she’s kind enough to give you a YES, then, reciprocate that gesture. Walk her down the aisle in a 3-piece OUCH ‘Wedding Collection’ suit.




For more information on how to get an OUCH product, please visit-www.ouchonline.com



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